Whether you are looking to simply improve mobility, get a bit more exercise and try something new; or you are after a method to help you live your life more skilfully (or, you don’t even know what you want yet!) – yoga is for you.  


I have practised yoga since 2002, prompted by a book I came across in the library. Curious and determined, I attended my first class (aged 15) with two thoughts in mind; ‘This is going to be easy’ and ‘I’m going to be ace’. Luckily for me, neither were true.

I completed my British Wheel of Yoga training under the guidance of Richard Adamo in 2015. Richard has been my teacher since 2006, when I began attending his Ashtanga Vinyasa classes as an undergraduate student in desperate need of escaping the library (there’s a theme here).

I am not a yogi. I am a yoga teacher and a yoga student. Read my slow yoga blog, Room, to find out why I make this distinction.

Beginners are welcome to attend all of my classes - I provide a number of options allowing you to progress at your own pace and current level of ability. Yoga 101 covers everything you need to know before attending your first class. 'Like' my Facebook page to receive regular class updates and all sorts of yoga-related posts that I like to share with my students (don't worry, I have a strict 'no hashtag, or mention of ancient grains' social media policy).

I am interested in teaching yoga as a method of cross-training for sports, and I regularly tailor classes to address common areas of sports associated weakness to help prevent injury and improve performance. As a keen road cyclist, I have been running a Yoga for Cyclists Winter Training course in Oxford since 2015. I am the current Women’s Officer for the Cowley Road Condors, a Level 1 British Cycling Coach and co-founder of VeloVedic, cycling and yoga events.

If you are not of a sporty inclination but spend the days chained to your desk, bent over the flower beds, behind the wheel, standing, sitting, walking, stressed, anxious, bored (the list goes on...); I am very interested in teaching you too.