Finding Room

So what is Roomhow do we make room, and what does 'room' mean for our yoga practice?

Let's look at some definitions:

1. A space that can be occupied or where something can be done.

To illustrate how 'room' can refer to a space that has some potential, the dictionary uses the example: 'she made room for Josh on the sofa'. Now, this may not be a very yogic example of the word but if we break this sentence down, we can identify three necessary components of finding room for our practice: recognition, inclination and action.

(Don't worry, 'she made room for yoga on the sofa' is not where I'm going with this...).

In order to make room for yoga (or any other person, pursuit or thing) we first need to recognise that there is room; be willing to make room and then actually go about creating that room.

Having the inclination to make room is key; the fact that you want to, can create space where previously there was none.

(Ok, so it turns out, 'she made room for yoga on the sofa' is exactly where I'm going with this...).

There might not be any room on the sofa, you might not like Josh and you might just stay sat exactly where you are. But - and it's a big but - you could always give up your seat, you could choose to sit on the floor, and if you really don't like Josh, why is he in your house anyway? 

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