Functional Yoga

Weds: 18:00-19:30

Wood Farm School, Main Hall, Titup Drive, OX3 8QQ


1. relating to the way in which something works or operates.
2. designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive.

This dynamic class promotes a fun, thoughtful and non-competitive approach that emphasises self-acceptance, and body confidence, over the achievement of pretzel-like yoga postures.

Placing practice firmly into the context of modern life, each class begins with a short, down-to-earth - and dogma-free - discussion on an aspect of yoga philosophy, before moving into a varied and challenging sequence that develops strength, balance and mobility, in a way that is progressive and supportive.

Suitable for physically fit beginners and improvers, curious yoga practitioners from any discipline, and those looking to address issues of hypermobility.

Classes are limited to 10 people.

Class resumes 9th January

Yoga for Cyclists

Weds: 19:40-20:40                    

Wood Farm School, Main Hall, Titup Drive, OX3 8QQ

Guiding concepts

Cycling is a repetitive, low-load, and short range of movement activity.
Muscles recover faster than our nervous system.

Now in its fourth year, this 10 week Winter training course will focus on developing back, abdominal and hamstring strength, in addition to utilising active and full range of movement in the lower body. Perfect for recovery days, these classes have been designed for anyone who spends time on the bike. Interested? Here's a sneak peak

25% of the net proceeds from this class will be donated to The William Wates Memorial Trust as I prepare to ride 7 stages of the Tour de France in July 2019. 

Suitable for complete yoga beginners, as well as runners, and and those who regularly take part in the same type of sport. 

Classes are limited to 15 people. 

9th January - 13th March 2019